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Putting businesses ahead of the curve with our Comprehensive Employee Tracking Solutions for productivity, security, safety & compliance.


Real-time Tracking

Supervision task of ensuring employees and contractors remain at their designated locations at all times is reduced considerably. Seamless data-driven tracking without any manual intervention, leaving no room for discrepancies.


Safety and Security

Our Employee Tracking Systems trigger real-time updates and alerts like SoS, Free Fall alert, No Activity Alert, Low Battery Alert, Tampering Alert, etc. on trespassing such as accidents occurring when employees tread in locations that they are not authorized or areas marked as Danger zones.


Personal Productivity

Worker movements are tracked zone wise with In-Time & Out-Time, providing details like workers detected in work area (missing workers & unintended workers). Near-real time location can be monitored for each worker.

Unique Features

1. Accurate Analytics due to higher data points and less approximation.

2. Does not interfere with existing Wireless Infrastructure.

3. Restricted area access buzzer

4. Ease of Deployment and Retrofit due to Wireless Infrastructure.

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