HomeEnergy Monitoring

Monitor energy consumption at the zone or equipment level in real-time, and put energy use under your control.


Measure the real-time energy use

Our wireless energy monitoring sensors measure real-time consumption at a circuit or equipment level, to give you a precise understanding of where energy is being used.


Leverage advanced technology and maximize sustainability 

Improve energy efficiency with continuous monitoring, and achieve actionable sustainability goals with realistic targets.


Get data to your existing software or IoT platform

Live Data can be sent securely – via Ethernet, LTE (4G) or WiFi – to any local or cloud platform. Our sensor technology is system agnostic, which also lets you feed data, and monitor, control and report it within an existing building management system.

Wireless Smart Sensor and Connected Dashboard

1. Quick Installation and Set up. Easy to retrofit into existing workplaces.

2. Detect, measure and monitor your indoor environment and assets in real-time, accurately.

3. Highly secure data transmission.

4. Our technology is interoperable and scalable.

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