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Move from reactive to proactive maintenance with Vacus Tech's automated asset tracking and real-time monitoring solutions.


Individual Asset Tracking

Our Asset Tags helps you identify each of your assets individually. Can be assigned to both fixed and moveable assets that are spread across various business sites/warehouses.


Gather Wide Data-range

You can gather a wide range of data and record it in a digitized asset register, like Real-time location, Users, Purchase history, Maintenance history and schedules, Depreciation value, etc.


Save Time and Cost

You can quickly locate equipment using our tagging technology, saving you from the time-consuming process of searching for a specific asset and business resources including costs associated with loss and theft.




– Establish a secure and standards-based industrial network to foundation, and increase efficiency and productivity, margins, quality, and safety.
– Protect your industrial assets from cyber threats.
– Build and retain an empowered digital workforce.

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Data Centers


Wireless Radio Unit that is used to seamlessly receive both Location Tag and Energy Tag, processes the same, and forwards this data to the Gateway.


– Enables Environment monitoring and cooling infrastructure automation.
– Enables Temperature and Humidity Measurement (Rack Front and Rack Back side).

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Smart Office


– Empowering you create a Trusted workplace by making density and location analytics available.
– Enables Sustainable operations (carbon-neutral facilities).
– Prioritizing Advanced Security Solutions for Your Business.
– Empowering you create Meaningful Customer Interactions with Wireless Digital Experiences.

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Unique Features

1. Accurate Analytics due to higher data points and less approximation.

2. Does not interfere with existing Wireless Infrastructure.

3. ALERTS : Free Tall and Tampering.

4. Ease of Deployment and Retrofit due to Wireless Infrastructure.

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