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Are these challenges delaying your smart enterprise initiatives?

Rise in health-related issues to employees and associates.
Employee morale turning low due to perceived fears or inflexible workplace scenarios.
Increase in employee management and utility costs.
No/Lack of integration with new-age technologies, leading to higher long-term capital expenses.

Vacus Tech's solutions can help you overcome these challenges.

Our Comprehensive Solutions


Providing data-backed behavior analytics that triggers actionable insights for workforce productivity, highlights workforce trends, and informs about day-to-day decision making.



Enabling network-based monitoring and control of temperature, lighting, CO, smoke, air quality, and other characteristics of physical spaces, to lower down costs.


Smart and Versatile solutions, steering better resource management, more sustainable outcomes both physically and financially, and enhances personal efficiencies.


What can We Help You Solve?

Creating smart, intuitive spaces to maximize space utilization.
Reducing physical staffing, and optimizing the utility and ongoing cost and operations of enterprises.
Trusted workplace environment which protects personal health and enhances personal efficiencies.
Increasing the sustainability of available enterprise resources, while maintaining corporate responsibility
Shrinking carbon footprints, and lowering building and labor costs.
Empowers location analytics to gain deep insights into the behavior and interaction of employees in your workplace(s).
Providing a Single management system that coalesces various smart enterprise functions to reduce oversight.
In-built Sensors that can enhance workplace productivity by connecting to and enhancing the flexibility of a room's equipment and workplace furniture.
Connect wirelessly with the network, and Share the captured real-time data, aggregate, and analyze it, resulting in smarter outcomes for users and building operators.
Reduced expertise in workforce due to Remote operations.
Improving fire, mechanical and electrical emergency management and communications.
Minimize on-site workforce for diagnosing and fixing issues.
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