Building an Intelligent Network for Your Smart Factory

Our industrial wireless tools empower manufacturers build a secure networking foundation for smart factory operations.

The best fit for your manufacturing needs:

Track and manage inventory and manufacturing assets in real-time; refine maintenance strategies.
Streamline and minimize the cost of operations concerning the lifecycle of plant assets for greater efficiency.
Fulfill rigorous safety requirements and equip your workers with real-time data and alerts.
Decrease production downtime due to asset failure.

Our Comprehensive Solutions

Asset Tracking

Enable real-time, multi-site asset management at your manufacturing facility; capture deep insights into your assets & equipment for safer and more efficient industrial IoT processes.


Asset Utilization

Monitor data from all the sensors across your manufacturing operation in a single cloud-based dashboard; tally the data of all your assets to identify and resolve issues quickly.


Workforce Monitoring

Build a smart and flexible workplace environment by remotely managing workers to achieve more productive and efficient employee engagement.


Environmental Monitoring

Designed for monitoring outdoor and indoor industrial environmental conditions like temperature, moisture, humidity, leak detection and gases.


Helping manufacturing businesses become safer and more structured by enabling remote monitoring of assets and facilities, presenting a clear picture of how assets are performing.


Empower your business with Vacus Tech's smart solutions

Optimize operations to drive excellence and maintain a productive working environment.
Real-time asset and production visibility.
Reduce time spent on responses and repairing.
Reduced overall costs and maximize uptime, through predictive and remote maintenance.
Improve asset utilization and worker productivity.
Reduce search time spent on misplaced assets.
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