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The VACUS Advantage

Leverage our sustainable data center solutions and unlock a new way of managing data centers.

With VACUS, you can expect Data Centers that offer :

Unmatched asset management solutions to prioritize maintenance activities and prevent downtime.
Advanced energy monitoring solution to ensure energy efficiency strategies.
The right temperature-humidity monitoring solution allows managers to keep track of temperature changes.

Vacus with it’s Patented Wireless Technology enables

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking Devices + Monitoring Software


Energy Monitoring

Energy Measuring Devices + Monitoring


Environment Monitoring

Environment  Sensors + Monitoring


Key Benefits of our Asset Tracking Solution

for mission-critical assets

Asset audit, accounting and tracing
U – Level Heat & Energy Map
Ghost server identification
Easily retrofit into existing racks
Real-time alerts: free-fall, tampering.
Cheaper than competitive solutions.
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