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About us

VACUS TECH designs products with a customer-focused mindset to enable real-time, wire-free solutions that allow proactive monitoring and control of equipment & systems.

Vacus Tech offers tracking solutions to enhance IT assets’ availability, efficiency, and utilization. Our intelligent, flexible, and cost-efficient solutions give your business real-time visibility into the lifecycle of its most valuable data assets.

Core Values

ACCOUNTABILITY : We take ownership of our work, and go the extra mile to deliver brilliance.

SIMPLICITY : We are simple people, who provide the simplest solutions which are easiest to implement.

PASSION : Passion is often connected with purpose. We move mountains to serve our clients.

INGENUITY : Our technology enables us to seek creative, innovative, and out-of-the-ordinary powerful solutions.

Sustainability Strategy

Delivering Sustainability and Efficiency
with Innovation
Growing access to Reliable and
Green Electricity
Partnering with Customers and Suppliers to
Reduce their CO2 Emissions
Making the Most of Digital Technology,
while being Efficient with Resources


At VACUS, our employee-owners are driven by a shared mission: going the extra mile to deliver brilliance. We’re Humble, yet Honoured- for prizes to be mentioned.


  • The SET100 list is an annual compilation of the 100 best energy innovations of the SET Award.
  • This year, Start Up Energy Transition has selected ‘VACUS’ as one of the top 100 energy and mobility start-ups of 2022!
MAGIC Innovate for India Challenge 2022
  • VACUS has won MAGIC’s Innovate for India Challenge 2022, the 4th edition of MAGIC’s flagship nationwide innovation challenge.
Accelerators and Programs

We’re Hiring! Join the VACUS Team.

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